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A Web Site built by Bikers for Bikers - Drop into the Shack again to see what's new
Bikers Shack website is being constantly updated, please remember to use your refresh button on a regular basis
Web site best viewed at 1024 x 768 screen resolution

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Introducing The New Product That Alerts You
Of Tyre Pressure Danger - At A Glance...

Air Checkers – You never need worry about your recommended tyre pressures again! With the Air Checker tyre pressure monitor you can see at a glance if your tyre needs air or not. Need to know the correct tyre pressure for your car or bike?

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View the warning mode demonstration

Introducing the “NEW” Revolutionary Tyre Pressure Monitor!

Affordable at only £3.50 per wheel

Having a tyre that is just 30% under inflated will… Reduce tyre life by over 50%! Reduce fuel economy by as much as 10%! - And reduce braking performance by around 20%! But your biggest problem is… The difficulty of visually detecting when a tyre is significantly under inflated! - Even by as much as 50% before it’s noticed!

Generally it’s difficult to spot under inflated tyres with the human eye, they may become dangerously under inflated before you even realise! Whatever bike you ride, for safety’s sake we all have to take care of our tyres. Wouldn’t you want to make your tyres last up to 50% longer? The answer is probably YES, and with a set of new tyres often costing hundreds of pounds to replace it is easy to understand why.

Fit The Revolutionary Air Checkers!
This amazing “NEW” device eliminates the guesswork of determining the correct tyre pressure for your bike or car. Proper inflation of your tyres helps reduce the risk of poor handling, blowouts, and accidents while improving fuel economy and tyre life. These easy-to-install replacement valve caps constantly monitor your bikes or cars tyre pressure with clear, bright colour indicators. Air Checkers are available from Bikers Shack in the 28 to 45 psi range for the full range of motorcycles as well as for cars, light vans, caravans, trailers and are accurate to within 1 psi. Fit Air Checkers and travel with confidence in your tyre pressures

The chrome caps simply go over the tyre valve stem, replacing existing dust caps and will display green when the tyre pressure is adequate, yellow if approximately four pounds under inflated (around 15%), and red when approximately ten pounds under inflated (around 30%).

The Benefits of using Air Checkers
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Reduces wear on tyres
  • Reduces braking distance
  • Reduces the risk of aquaplaning due to low pressure
  • Maximises motorcycle and car control
  • See at a glance if you need air in your tyres

The Air Checker tyre pressure monitor works on a simple principle. They are based on a selection of high pressure springs that are manufactured to specific tolerances. Our range is from 1.9 bar (28 psi) to 3.1 bar (45 psi) to match the most common pressure settings for motorcycles as well as cars, light vans, caravans and trailers. When the tyre is correctly inflated the spring pressure allows a green indicator to be clearly visible in the viewing window, showing that the tyre pressure is correct. If the pressure reduces by 15% the green indicator is replaced by a yellow one, giving a warning that the tyre pressure is reducing. If there is a 30% reduction in tyre pressure then a red indicator becomes clearly visible, giving a clear warning that the tyre pressure is now dangerously low.This system is both reliable and affordable and will give early indication of a potentially dangerous reduction in tyre pressure.

Get the “NEW” Revolutionary Air Checker now for just £3.50 per wheel.

They are not made of plastic - they are very small, weighing approx 7 grams each,
but extremely strong, and constructed of chromium plated steel.

If your tyres have a pressure which is not listed here, then simply choose the next highest pressure.
For example if your tyre pressure is 29psi then you can fit the tyre pressure monitor that is rated at 30psi.

Every safety monitor is individually tested for accuracy before being packaged.

When fitting to the valve for the first time, please bear in mind that the moving parts inside the monitors may be tight with newness, so a short ride/drive will be necessary to loosen them up.

The correct tyre pressure for your bike can be found in your owner's manual or your motorcycle tyre pressures can be found HERE
(Please be aware that Dunlop may give pressures for 2 up fully loaded)

Air Checkers are also suitable for tyre pressures measured in BAR.
Conversion chart for BAR to P.S.I.

All our Air Checkers come with a 1 Year 100% Full Money Back Guarantee!

*** WARNING ***

We have been notified that there may not be enough clearance between the fitted Air Checker and the REAR brake assembly. The top of the Air Checker may foul the brake assembly which may cause the tyre to deflate - please check before placing your order.

Don't Forget Your NUTS !!
Make Your Air Checkers Theft Proof !!

Order your Anti-Theft Locking Nuts with your Air Checkers.

  Payment Options 

Pay By Direct Bank Transfer
You may if you prefer, make payment via Direct Bank Transfer. Simply add up the cost of your items and send us an email with what you wish to purchase, including the PSI's required and remember to include your address. We will send you the bank transfer details by return.

E-Mail: Bikers Shack

Pay By Cheque
You may if you prefer, make payment via cheque. Simply add up the cost of your items and use the information below to make payment. Please include a note with your cheque with what you wish to purchase, including the PSI's required and remember to include your address. Your order will be sent when your cheque clears, usually 5 working days.

Please Make Your Cheque Payable to:  S. PIPER

And send to:

Bikers Shack
Willow End
The Street

Pay By
Free & Secure to use.
You may if you prefer, make payment via PayPal. Simply use the drop down menus below to select the number of Air Checkers and Anti-Theft Locking Nuts required. Then click 'Add to Cart' both for the Air Checkers & Locking Nuts. You can view your cart at any time to amend the quantity. Then check out via your PayPal account as usual.

Please let us know what psi you require on your PayPal payment page
Use the "Add special instructions to the seller" link just before you click 'Pay Now'

We now send out our orders via SECOND CLASS Mail to allow us to keep the prices low.
If you would prefer First Class Mail - please e-mail for additional costs

*** Please Note - Stock Information ***
Available from stock in P.S.I pressures of...
26, 28,
30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 45
When stock levels are RED, we will no longer be able to get them
When stock levels are YELLOW, we have very limited checkers available

Green indicates good stock
Yellow indicates low stock
- Contact us BEFORE you order
indicates out of stock

Yellow & Red - Please contact us for stock levels
before you place your order

*** Please note that we are running our
stock down as we no longer
stock Air Checkers ***

Don't forget to let us know what psi Air Checkers you require on your PayPal payment page.
Use the "Add special instructions to the seller" link just before you click 'Pay Now'

Number of Air Checkers required
Number of Locking Nuts required
*** Please Note - Stock Information Above BEFORE Placing Your Order ***

Why not buy a Bikers Shack Gift Voucher?

For more than 10 Air Checkers/Anti-Theft Nuts, please contact us for discounted prices.
Please state pressures required on your PayPal payment form
Please ask for Worldwide shipping costs

Air Checker Fitting instructions
Remove your old dust caps, inflate your tyres to the correct pressure as stated in your vehicles handbook (this must be done when the tyres are cold). Now fit your new Air Checker(s), by screwing the Air Checker tightly onto the tyre valve by hand - finger tight (ensure that the rubber 'O' ring is seated in your new Air Checker(s) before fitting, as fitting them without this seal can lead to tyre deflation).

Your new Air Checker(s) should now be showing green (if not you may need to drive your vehicle to activate them due to newness).

Anti-Theft Locking Nuts

If you are also fitting Anti-Theft Locking Nuts, then after you remove your dust cap, screw on one locking nut for each valve. Screw the locking nut on as far as you can loosely, fit your Air Checker as instructed above. Now screw the locking nut anti-clockwise up to the Air Checker, hold the Air Checker so it will not undo with soft grips or grips with a cloth inserted into the jaws as not to damage the Air Checker chrome finish, then using an 11mm spanner, tighten anti-clockwise against the Air Checker. This will make the casual thief unable to remove your Air Checkers by hand, but of course for the determined thief they could still be removed with tools.

What do the colour's mean?
- indicates that the tyre is correctly inflated.
YELLOW - indicates Caution, your tyre pressure has lost around 4psi.
RED - indicates that your tyre has lost around 8psi or more, and is dangerously low, you should re-inflate your tyre immediately.

Monitor the colour of the Air Checkers on a regular basis and top up with air when required.

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