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A Web Site built by Bikers for Bikers - Drop into the Shack again to see what's new
Bikers Shack website is being constantly updated, please remember to use your refresh button on a regular basis
Web site best viewed at 1024 x 768 screen resolution

UK Trikers Page

This page is dedicated to all the UK Trikers
Got a Trike? Then Drop Bikers Shack a line or a picture for this page.

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We build Trikes from new or used Bikes. The choice is yours. Supply a donor Bike & we'll Trike it. All Trikes are Engineered to the highest standard & come with a D.V.L.A. Certificate.
We build complete trikes from start to finish. We also make frames, front ends & leading links etc. to any stage of finish.  It goes without saying that we also carry out any modifications necessary to suit the disabled rider. Our aim here at Bull Trikes is to get you on the road as soon as possible with a brand new machine usually within six weeks from the date of order.
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The Repper
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Hi, here is a picture of my pig Trike., Rose. Contact: Rose
Here is my Trike, VW 1600cc in my favorite colour purple, she is called Purpledayz. From Ria - (Sisters n Machines R.C.)  
These are a few shots I got from the Felixstowe Bike Show July 2002 - Steve, Bikers Shack WebMaster
My name is Billy, this is my 1300 VW Trike & Caravan. I am also a tattooist & body piercer at Eternal Images in Goole, East Yorkshire, (junc 36, M62). Est 8 yrs. I am offering a 20% discount to Bikers & Trikers if you turn up on your machine.Billy & Cheryl
Proud to announce - SnM (Sisters n Machines R.C.)
We are an all female rally club who like to go out to rallies at every opportunity and have fun. We are looking for new members. No attitude except you must drink and party, what more could you want aye? No politics. We are based around the west midlands and are looking for more females who own Trikes and bikes, but we all got trikes so far. We also welcome disabled as well as able bodied. For further details please call Ria on 07939 465393 or Rose on 07776 250959 or E-Mail Ria or Trikelady  
Sisters n Machines R.C Club Patch
I am a fellow Trike rider/builder in Notts, I like the sound of a Trike club. Here are some pic's of my latest Trikes and a link to my new Trike site, please feel free to send me pictures to post of your rides/lives. If you send me a link I can add it to my site and if I can offer any assistance to your members just holla... I'm not a full time trike builder as I work on the railway for my sins so I don't charge an arm an a leg for bits unlike others. It's my hobby. Marc

Trike Hel
p Section

Diff Questions

Please can you help I am building a trike using a honda VF750s shaft drive with a ford granada scorpio diff only prob is the bike diff is 3.18 with a tyre size of 130/90/17 and the ford diff is 4.27 is they any way to lower the diff ratio to match the old bike or any thing else Ican do so I dont lose to much top end?

Many thanks
Contact: David

Legal Requirements?

I am trying to find out what the requirements are when building a trike to make it road legal, and what license I need to ride one.

Thanks in advance.

Trike Help

I'm going to trike my 1986 honda shadow 750.

Can anyone advise me on axles to use?

Should I go hard tail or work of swingarm mount?

Any advice would be appreciated thanks, George

Contact: George

Question... Can you get car trikes with VW or Ford v6 engines ?
Contact: Alan

Is there anybody out there that does a conversion kit that turns a Silverwing from a 2 wheeled vehicle into a trike. I have found numerous manufacturers that deal with the Goldwing but as I cannot afford one of these and already have a Silverwing I must perservere. If you know of anybody that does such a kit that can be fitted by an amateur mechanic (namely myself) then I would be grateful if you could let me know - Many thanks.
Contact: Andy

Hi Guys, Sorry, But as this is the first time I have contacted you, I cant direct this at anybody specific. This is more of an engineering question, I own a Honda ATC 350X, this might not mean a great deal to you, but it an off road Trike, made mostly for the USA market, but I picked it up when I was working overseas, When used on Sand, or other soft surfaces, it really is a very Scarey motorcycle, ( Can I say that? ) Problem is, No Differential, it runs a chain, as a convential drive, straight back to a solid shaft, mounted on a swinging arm, What I would like to know is has anybody converted a Diff unit, To carry a sprocket? I have already manufactured a double "wish bone" suspension, carrying a small upright, so I can run an independent suspension unit set up, but I want to find a small Diff unit to suit, any ideas? Thanks for your attention, and sorry for the headache.
Contact: Bob

I have a Honda Shadow 600 for sale, but if it does not sell I am going to trike it for the other half and I wondered if anyone knows where I may be able to buy a trike kit or if there is anywhere you could take it to have it triked Thanks.
Contact: Angie

I have a Honda 250cn (Helix) which I want to convert to a trike, has anyone out there done this. First time project, I would be grateful for any advice/plans. No problems with welding/machining. Still not decided on engine.
Contact: Tel

I am trying to Trike a Virago 535 as a project for the missus, but as usual cost is the main factor. I have the bike but need a rear end conversion kit either made for me to fit, or if costs permit, to have one fitted. I don't want a complete conversion as I want to do as much as possible myself, but don't trust myself enough to make a frame. Any suggestions as to who/where in Kent can provide such a thing? New or secondhand doesn't really matter. Here is hoping someone reads this with the answers I need.
Contact: Glen

I have a VW Trike that I have just brought. It needs a lot of work, it is not registerd and Iwas told it would need to be MSRA tested before the MOT. What is this test?
Contact: E-Mail

I have recently purchasred a 50cc trike and am getting mixed answers on what test cbt etc I need to ride legaly on the roads. I have poor balance and can't and dont wish to drive a car can you please clear the matter up for me? P.S.. The trike is an automatic twist and go, I'm 23 and it was origanlly built with three wheels and was designed for people confined to wheel chairs although now has a seat.  I only have a provisional licence - thank you very much.
Contact: Adam

I am desperatly trying to source plans or blue prints to build a V6 trike using a ford capri as a donar vehicle, but Icant find any anywhere can you help?
Contact: Paul

Other Trike Clubs

Just to let you know, there's already a UK Trikers club.
We're called Brothers Of The Third Wheel UK (BTW UK). We're a worldwide bunch, NOT MC or MCC, but an Association.
We're a worldwide family of like-minded trikers and are steadily growing in the UK, making friends and good contacts with MC and MCC clubs, and anyone else who likes to ride and party. Check out the website www.btw-uk.comor contact our Country Director, Hightower, (Shaun Lloyd) - OR look out for our backpatches at rallies and parties - come and chat!

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